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Part Time A&P CourseAV 600



If you Can't Come To Us,

Our AV101 Course Can Come To You!

We know it's tougher than ever to spend 13 business days at AvTech Exams due to your job, family or personal commitments, so we designed a course to help with this problem. The course is AV101! It's designed to let you finish your written examinations at home on your own time and then come to AvTech Exams for 9 days of Oral and Practical prep, which is our AV400 Course.


The AV101 course includes written examination prep material shipped to your home. Upon completion of the written tests, you travel to AvTech Exams where we will prep you for the Oral and Practical examination. We will also assist in scheduling you with a DME (examiner) for the final test.


Course AV101 provides study material and practice tests for each FAA written exam. These practice tests enable you to be better prepared to take the actual exam.

Follow the steps below to register to take the written exams:

Effective January 13, 2020, PRIOR TO taking an FAA Airman Knowledge Test:

You must still have authorization FAA Form 8610-2 or have your graduation certificates from your FAA 147 school from the FAA to take the actual FAA written examinations. Contact your nearest FAA office to find out your FAA rating eligibility.

AV600 Part Time A&P Course: 

  • Course Tuition: $400.00 (Nonrefundable)

  • TOTAL: $400.00 (Nonrefundable)

       Total includes study material, shipping fee and discounted tuition fee                 for the AV400 Oral and Practical preparation at AvTech Exams.


       The above tuition does not include FAA written test fees or the DME Oral         and Practical Testing fee.

Once you place your AV600 Course order, it will be shipped to you via UPS, FedEx or USPS at AvTech Exams discretion.

  • A student contract will accompany your package. This will require a signature and acknowledgment of our policies, expected completion time, and information on how to get assistance during your study program.

  • The AV600 Course includes study question guides, unlimited practice examinations, information on how to find your nearest written testing center and instructions on how to best accomplish the course.

Call or Email Us and Place Your Order Today!

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