AV100 Airframe & Powerplant Course

13 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $1,345.00

  • Three Computer Tests ($175.00 ea.):  $525.00

  • TOTAL:  $1,870.00

AV200 Airframe Course

10 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $1,195.00

  • Two Computer Tests ($175.00 ea.):  $350.00

  • TOTAL:  $1,545.00

AV300 Powerplant Course

10 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $1,195.00

  • Two Computer Tests ($175.00 ea.):  $350.00

  • TOTAL:  $1,545.00

AV400 A&P Oral & Practical Only Course

9 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $1,195.00

  • TOTAL:  $1,195.00


AV500 Inspection Authorization Course

4-5 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $895.00

  • One Computer Test:  $175.00

  • Books - AC 43-13 & FAR:  $50.00

  • TOTAL:  $1,120.00


Powerplant or Airframe Add-On Course

7 Business Days

  • Course Tuition:  $895.00

  • One Computer Test:  $175.00      

  • TOTAL:  $1,070.00


AV101 Airframe & Powerplant Home Study Course: 

  • Course Tuition (Includes AV400 O&P Course):  $1,295.00

  • Study Guides:  $44.85

  • California Tax on Study Guides:  $3.92

  • TOTAL (Nonrefundable):  $1,343.77


Oral and Practical:

You will schedule your Oral & Practical at your convenience. You can find an FAA listing of Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME's) for your local area at Select DME/DPRE Examiner and then select DME and the office area you would like to test within.

The O&P testing is NOT a part of AvTech Exams course cost and is NOT charged by AvTech Exams. The fee is paid directly to the Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).  

O&P fees vary based on the local economy of the area. These fees are set by the DME within the FAA required guidelines. The local O&P testing fee for each of the three tested areas (General, Airframe, Powerplant) is approximately $267 - $300 depending on which DME you decide to schedule to test with.

The O&P Examination is NOT included in the hours listed above.  

Payment Methods:

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a seat in class and will be applied toward the cost of your tuition. The remainder of the tuition fees are collected on the first day of class unless prepaid. The $250 deposit is non-refundable, however you may reschedule your class for up to 6 months if a two-week notice is provided to the AvTech Exams scheduler.

Deposits are payable to AvTech Exams by regularly accepted payment methods: Visa, MC, AMEX, Company Check or Travelers Checks. 

You may seek reimbursement through several programs with the Department of Veterans Affairs.