AV100 Airframe & Powerplant Course - 13 Business Day Course:

  • Course Tuition                                                                              $1,295.00

  • Three Computer Tests ($173.00 each)                                           $519.00

  • Oral & Practical*                                                                         See Below

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,814.00

AV200 Airframe Course - 10 Business Day Course:

  • Course Tuition                                                                        $1,195.00

  • Two Computer Tests ($173.00 each)                                              $346.00

  • Oral & Practical*                                                                         See Below

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,541.00

AV300 Powerplant Course - 10 Business Day Course:

  • Tuition                                                                                     $1,195.00

  • Two Computer Tests ($173.00 each)                                              $346.00

  • Oral & Practical*                                                                         See Below

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,541.00

AV400 A&P Oral & Practical Only Course - 9 Business Day Course:

  • Tuition                                                                                           $1,195.00

  • Oral & Practical*                                                                         See Below

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,195.00


AV500 Inspection Authorization Course - 4-5 Business Day Course:

  • Tuition                                                                                              $895.00

  • One Computer Test                                                                        $173.00

  • Books - AC 43-13 & FAR                                                                   $50.00

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,118.00


Powerplant or Airframe Add-On Course - 7 Business Day Course:

  • Tuition                                                                                              $845.00

  • One Computer Test                                                                        $173.00

  • Oral & Practical*                                                                         See Below

  • TOTAL                                                                                           $1,505.00


AV101 Airframe & Powerplant Home Study Course: 

  • Course Tuition (Includes AV400 O&P Course).                          $1,245.00

  • Software and Study Guides                                                            $169.00

  • CA Tax on $169 for Software and Books                                         $14.79

  • TOTAL (Nonrefundable)                                                              $1,428.79


*Oral and Practical:

The O&P testing is NOT a part of AvTech Exams course cost and is NOT charged by AvTech Exams. The fee is paid directly to the Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME). The FAA must approve each DME and their testing facility. 

O&P fees vary based on the local economy of the area. These fees are set by the DME within the FAA required guidelines. The local O&P testing fee for each each of the three tested areas (General, Airframe, Powerplant) is approximately $267 - $300 depending on which DME you decide to schedule to test with.

The O&P Examination is NOT included in the hours listed above. AvTech Exams works with several DME's that administer the O&P in our area. We will help you schedule your O&P at the completion of your course. 

Payment Methods:

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a seat in class and will be applied toward the cost of your tuition. The remainder of the tuition fees are collected on the first day of class unless prepaid. The $250 deposit is non-refundable, however you may reschedule your class for up to 6 months if a two-week notice is provided to the AvTech Exams scheduler.


Deposits are payable to AvTech Exams by regularly accepted payment methods: Visa, MC, AMEX, Company Check or Travelers Checks. 

You may seek reimbursement through several programs with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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