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AvTech Exams 2024 Prep Course Calendar


A&P Prep Course: 13 Business Days

O&P Prep Course: 9 Business Days

IA Prep Course: 5 Business Days

*All courses start on Monday and run the length of your course. 

  • April 8th through April 12th: IA Course Only

  • April 15th through May 1st

  • April 29th through May 15th

  • May 6th through May 10th: IA Course Only

  • May 13th through May 30th (No class on May 27th)

  • May 28th through June 13th

  • June 10th through June 26th

  • June 17th through June 21st: IA Course Only

  • June 24th through July 11th

  • July 8th through July 24th

  • July 22nd through August 7th

  • August 5th through August 21st

  • August 19th through September 5th (No class on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024)

  • September 3rd through September 19th

  • September 16th through October 2nd

  • October 7th through October 11th: IA Course Only

  • October 14th through October 30th

  • October 28th through November 13th

  • November 11th through November 27th

  • December 2nd through December 18th

  • December 16th through December 20th: IA Course Only 

  • January 6th through January 22nd 




You may also call or email us to reserve your seat in one of our many courses! A $250.00 deposit will be collected at the time of registration to guarantee your place in the course. The remainder of the tuition fees are collected two weeks prior to the first day of your course.

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