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The Hybrid Course Starts When You Do

Call or Email Us Today!




Call or email us today to begin your Hybrid Course!

The nonrefundable course tuition is collected when your order is shipped. You have two years from date of shipment to complete the course. O&P fees due when scheduled.


Tuition is payable to AvTech Exams by regularly accepted payment methods: Visa, MC, AMEX, Company Check or Travelers Checks. 

What to Bring for the Oral & Practical in Class Training:

  • Valid ID

  • Written Test Reports

  • Airframe and or Powerplant Certification:

       -(2) Original FAA Form 8610-2 

       -Graduates from a FAA 147 program may present an official                    graduation certificate(s) of completion in lieu of the 8610-2

       -Military Certificate of Eligibility in lieu of the 8610-2

  • Oral and Practical tuition fees will be collected on the first day

  • Laptop / Tablet (optional)

  • Positive Attitude

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