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A&P students must have proof of mechanical experience before taking the FAA written exams.

(30 months A&P, 18 months Airframe or Powerplant)

  • Certificate of Completion from an FAA approved 147 school

  • Military Certificate of Eligibility 

  • Military discharge records showing that you have worked on aircraft 30 months (DD 214 and/or military performance records- APR's etc.)

  • Letter of experience signed by a licensed mechanic for whom you have worked, stating that you meet the experience requirements of FAR 65.77

Contact your local FAA office and ask for an interview to obtain your 8610-2 if you have Military or on the job experience.​

This documentation must be presented to AvTech Exams on the first day of your course.


This applies to anyone other than U.S. citizens or someone with resident-alien status.

All foreign applicants will need to make an appointment with the FAA IFO (International Field Office) in Los Angeles to obtain authorization (FAA Form 8610-2) for the aircraft mechanic written and oral and practical exams. Phone: (424) 405-7825.

The following documents (only originals are accepted) must be presented to the FAA during the interview:

  • Two positive forms of identification

    • One ID must have the individual's home address in English

  • A signed and detailed statement from your employer substantiating the specific type and duration of maintenance performed on each aircraft

  • A letter obtained from the foreign airworthiness authority of the country in which the experience was gained or from an adviser of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that will validate the applicant's experience

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